Why Your SDR Process Isn’t Working

(And How to Quickly Turn your Teams into Competition-Busting Pipeline Drivers)

Sales development teams are more important than ever. According to McKinsey, 96% of sales orgs are currently shifting their GTM selling model. Even while they adjust, they’re still dealing with familiar challenges, including:

  1. Opportunity close rates are continually below 10-20%.
  2. Increased competition is creating difficulty justifying premium solutions.
  3. Engaging the entire buying team in a timely manner.

The fastest way to solve these challenges is to align your entire company to what your buyer needs right now.

For this conversation -- designed specifically for sales leaders -- DemandZEN and Force Management experts have teamed up to show you how to enable your SDR team to increase pipeline and your Sales team close more deals (even during a pandemic).

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SEO, social media, digital advertising, paid social, automated marketing, blogging and content creation all designed and delivered with a focus on generating demand, backed by data analytics and insights.

Customized research to identify the buying teams at your target accounts, combined with professionalism and persistence to connect with prospects and get them to initial meetings with your sales team.

Strategic campaigns and services move prospects through their buying journey using multiple channels and into the hands of sales teams. We integrate each tactic and system, and report end-to-end.

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